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Broke and Bougie Skellie DTF/UVDTF

Broke and Bougie Skellie DTF/UVDTF

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DTF/UVDTF images have a 5-7 business day turnaround time.

DTF transfers are easy to apply and can be used on various fabric types. They will work with leather, vinyl, denim, canvas, and more! 


First, remove excess moisture by prepressing the garment for 15 seconds @ 325 degrees. Then lay the transfer white-side down, and press at 325 deg for 15 seconds with med-heavy pressure. Remove from the press and let cool completely, remove the clear film, then cover with parchment, butcher paper, or a Teflon sheet and press again for 10 seconds.

UVDTF decals have the same benefits as DTF transfers but are made for hard surfaces and do not require heat or other equipment. Follow the simple "Peel & Stick & Peel" application instructions for a permanent and waterproof finish.

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