Collection: UVDTF DECALS


All the love and benefits of normal DTF transfers, but made for hard surfaces and require no heat or other equipment. 

Application Instructions:

1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Wiping down with alcohol and a lint free cloth is what we recommend.

2. Before removing the white backing, flip the decal or wrap over and squeegee the white side of the transfer.

3. Peel the white backing from the clear film. The image should be adhered to the clear as you remove the white. If not, lay it down and squeegee the transfer again. Then repeat this step until the entire white backing has been removed.

4. Apply the decal to your cup or surface and rub it all over the decal to ensure no bubbles and the entire image is stuck.

5. Slowly start to peel the clear film. If the image starts to lift with the film, lay it back down and rub or squeegee it again.  Repeat until entire clear film has been removed. That's it, your done! 

These are permanent and waterproof! 


All sizes listed for these items are based on measurements of the corresponding cups sold by KKCUSTOMTNT. All supplier cups can vary in size so please measure your specific cup before ordering. 


FOR CUSTOM ORDERS: NO SCREENSHOTS WILL BE ACCEPTED! CUSTOM DOES NOT MEAN I CREATE THE FILE FOR YOU. You are required to provide the desired image in the proper format and resolution. 300dpi or higher is required. Clean transparent background is suggested but if it is not submitted the background color will be printed!