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Triple Cup Turner

Triple Cup Turner

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All turners are custom-made to order.

Each turner includes a drying rack and switches for each motor as well as our UNIQUE leveling arm that can be adjusted vertically to ensure your tumbler is properly leveled with every coat of epoxy, 

Each motor is capable of turning both clockwise and counterclockwise with the flip of the power switch.

TURNER SIZE: 24L X 17.25W X 8.75H

All turners are wired to one plug-in cord and are 3/4" PVC

All turners are custom-made to order and are not ready to ship. TURNAROUND TIMES ARE 14-28 BUSINESS DAYS NOT INCLUDING HOLIDAYS, WEEKENDS, AND SHIPPING TIMES.  We are not responsible for shipping delays caused by USPS, UPS, or FedEx. 

 Due to COVID-19 delays are expected. 

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