Collection: DTF (Direct to Film) Transfers/Sheets

Direct-to-Film (DTF) transfers are full-color heat-applied transfers for light and dark garments. No weeding or masking is required and DTF transfers can be applied to a various number of fabric types, including but not limited to, cotton, cotton/poly blends, and even 100% polyester. 

Simply press and GO!  All you need is a heat press! 

Turnaround time is 3-5 business days once your order is approved. Bulk/wholesale times may vary. Please feel free to reach out to us for those times before placing a bulk or wholesale order to ensure we can fully meet your needs and expectations. Rush fee option is available on the site as its own item. Rush orders must be approved before adding the rush fee to your order. Email for more info. 

CUSTOM ORDERS: Images uploaded must be in PNG format and recommended quality is 300 dpi. Images must be ready to print with a transparent background when they are submitted. Any edits will require a design fee.

DTF prints contain white ink so a white background will print. Images uploaded must be in PNG format and recommended quality is 300 dpi. Images must be ready to print with a transparent background when they are submitted. Any edits will require a design fee. By checking the box on the way to cart/checkout, you are agreeing that your images are ready to print and require no editing. If editing is needed, you must email us at before you place the order for approval and cost. You take full responsibility for the quality of the image and agree that it ready to print to your standards once the order is placed. 

When enlarging or shrinking we preserve the dimensions of the original image. If the width is larger than the height, the width is treated as the longest side. If the height is larger than the width, the height is treated as the longest side. 



50/50: 300/12 SECONDS


For a matte look for the transfer, press a second time with Kraft Paper for 10 seconds.

DTF Transfer Application Instructions

  1. Preheat the garment for 15 seconds to remove excess moisture. Let the garment cool before adding the transfer.
  2. Place the transfer on the shirt- white side down, image facing up.
  3. Press at 325° for 15 seconds under very firm pressure. (An easy press may not provide adequate pressure for DTF)
  4. Remove the garment from the press and let it stand until it is cool enough to peel.
  5. Peel once cool. *** Please note: If the image does not come off completely, repress with the transfer in place, let it cool, and re-peel the film.***
  6. Cover the image with parchment paper and press again for 15 seconds. You can use a Teflon sheet, butcher paper, or tissue paper. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Turn the garment inside out. Machine wash cold. No bleach No softener. Do not dry clean or iron. Tumble dry low.



300-315/325 F for 10-12s Second press 5-10s Medium pressure is best. Hoodies may require 325 and up, medium press 10-12s


265-275/285 F for 8-10s Med-Light pressure, (if they are thinner), otherwise, it creates a box or scorches the transfer. 

Polyester settings may vary a lot, but best to use lower temp and pressure generally.


Matte finish: Cover sheet; Kraft/Parchment paper cover sheet, rougher texture.

Shiny/Gloss Finish: Teflon sheet

Specific silicone pads with texture can be used to prevent a glossy look, giving the print a nice textured feel.

Thicker fabrics require more heat, generally.

Hats (poly) may require 245-250 for 5-8s, Umbrellas, EZ-Ups, and Stadium chairs will require testing, trial, and error.

Do a 24hr test (fine tuning) for a day to see if the ink migrates (clothing dye reacts with DTF ink)


DTF works with almost all fabrics and garment types:

Combed Cotton, Ring Spun Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyesters, Blended Fabrics, Poly-Cottons, Tri-Blends, Polyester-Spandex, Leather, Vinyl, Denim, Canvas, and much more! 



11.5 x 16"

11.5 x 24"

11.5 x 60"

11.5 x 120"




YOUTH/ 8.5"

ADULT (XS)/ 9"

 ADULT (S-XL)/ 10"

ADULT+ (2XL+)/ 11.5"



DTF (Direct to Film) Transfers/Sheets